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In collaboration with Ensofy, a Georgian software company with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and healthtech, Medic4all Italia (M4A) started a 12-month research project on April 1, 2023, called VoiceAI, to study the integration of Ensofy's voice biomarker technology in M4A's online telemedicine platform. Ensofy's voice biomarker technology will support M4A clinicians in improving their mental health screening of patients, providing them with better care with better outcomes. The pilot project will test the technology with a select group of patients and evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of speech biomarkers in the diagnosis and management of major depressive disorder (MDD) compared to current standards. The VoiceAI project is an excellent opportunity for M4A and Ensofy to validate voice biomarker technology in a real-world context, generating valuable data and insights that will help refine and improve such technology.


VoiceAI is part of the HosmartAI umbrella project (grant agreement no. 101016834). HosmartAI, an acronym for Hospital Smart development based on AI, aims to be a key player in the digital transformation of the European healthcare sector. Funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, the HosmartAI initiative aims to revolutionize the way patients are diagnosed and treated in European healthcare systems.


We are pleased to announce that the VoiceAI project was concluded on March 31, 2024, successfully completing all phases of the project. Our journey with VoiceAI has been driven by a commitment to revolutionize mental health screening and support for those in need.


Thanks to Ensofy for the great collaboration and thanks to HosmartAI for making this happen!


To find out more, visit the project's website or the LinkedIn page, or write to us using the form below.

  • VoiceAI - Website
  • VoiceAI - Linkedin
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